Philippine Tourist Destination

The Philippines is considering a perfect example of a "mixed economy," a home to multiple cultures and traditions that have drawn international interest. And Philippines have the natural scenery, rich cultural heritage and warm, friendly and talented people would make the staying more fun and enjoyable.

Without a doubt Philippines established a good reputation when it comes to our interpersonal relations with foreign visitors. They find Filipinos very hospitable and warm persons which make it more interesting..

One of the best thing Philippines can offer is the rare view of Waterfalls, volcanoes, beaches where how the sun touch you skin and how it feels, the white Sand, Gorgeous bikini clad ladies and half-naked different cultured men. Beach parties everywhere where you can go as much as you want,Cheap booze as souvenir (what can you ask for?). Others are mountains, malls, food like Roasted whole pig(called "LECHON"), Low prices compared to the states. family culture, family parties, Karaoke, women and nightlife. The culture and traditions,superstitions, the tropical climate, the wildlife, the historical places, the old churches, the beaches, and the scenic places are the basics destination a visitor would like to visit first.

One of the most amazing behavior the Filipino be able to proud of is how they value family culture.Philippine family culture is amazing and touching. How they find ways to unite one bunch of family despite the distance. how they take care and respect of their elders!.

In Summer Season the best to choice for are the Foods. Everywhere you go, it's just abundant with fruits like the fruit selection is awesome because different month has fruit seasons like Mangoes, Pineapples, Star apple, Coconuts, Green mangoes, Singkamas, Rambutan expect it from September to October.And don't forget the Kakanin or Rice Pudding its a different types of malagkit cooked in different ways, The Seafood (hmmm... so delicious) - prawn shrimp, crabs, pang-ihaw na fish, squids, lobster... fresh as fresh. Lastly the delight of Halo Halo (damn! makes me hunger..Tasty). The Filipino charm, their character known for carefree, their friendly nature and their workaholic diligence plus we are also the only country which has not been torn by a civil war, and have changed our system of government through peaceful, though noisy means trough rally and strikes.

Enough with the tasty topic, lets go to the Philippine means of transportation knowingly as jeepney, tricycle and Calisa excluding those modern four wheels we see's everyday. As the 73rd largest independent country with the total land area of almost three hundred thousand square kilometers (over 186,000 sq mi) that comprising of 7,107 islands that was subdivide into three division known as Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with the capital city of Manila.

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines as what they say's.They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II a two word combination which is a "jeep" and "Jitney". Jeep symbolize a brand of American automobiles that is a marque of Chrysler Group LLC, a multinational manufacturer and known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating and become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture. for the additional info the first Jeepney was called Willys MB Jeeps were produced in 1941 ( Willys MB US Army Jeep ("formally the Truck, 1/4 ton, 4x4) and the Ford GPW").

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